Technique tune up - 10.00 to 11.30 hFULLY BOOKED - waitinglist

Aziza shares a bellydance technique workshop focused on refining your posture, enhancing precision, fluidity, and mastering shimmies. Elevate your skills through specialized conditioning and targeted drills. Then we will apply the concepts drilled into long combos that you can add to your repertoire.

CHF 60

Around the world Party Combos - 12.00 to 13.30 hFULLY BOOKED - waitinglist

One of Aziza’s current favourite workshops! High energy, plenty of repetition, clever and fun combos set to current pop songs from Turkey, Egypt, Greece, and Lebanon. This workshop would also be useful for gigging dancers to bring some pep into your audience participation.

CHF 60

I love Saidi - 14.00 to 15.30 h

A deep dive into “Aziza style” Saidi! We will explore the movements and expressions that compliment the Saidi rhythm culminating in a short exciting choreography. No assaya needed.

CHF 60


    Aziza will also be teaching at ZeoT Zurich on April 26 and 28. Check out their website for more details!

    About Aziza

    Aziza is an international performer, instructor, and choreographer originally from Oregon, now based in Montreal, Quebec. Aziza produces weeklong intensives called Dreamcamps in Quebec, and offers live online group classes, coaching, and private lessons. She has been teaching and performing for more than 30 years and touring year round for almost 20 years.

    Bio Aziza

    Aziza of Montreal, formerly Portland, fell in love with dance at the age of 3.  She continued to experiment with many styles and develop her skills as a classical dancer until she found her true love, the art of Middle Eastern Dance over three decades ago.  Her devotion to and passion for the art has led to numerous awards and recognitions.  Aziza is now one of the brightest, most in demand stars of belly dance in the world today, known for her amazing ability to communicate the music by mixing the best of classical Middle Eastern dance with her own innovative twist!

    Aziza’s amazing improvisational skills and her unparalleled ability to inspire students to get to the next level make her the master artist and mentor audiences and students find memorable.   A sought-after instructor but also a lifetime learner, Aziza continues to perform, teach and learn from students of all levels and audiences throughout South America, Asia, Europe, the United States and Canada.

    After 20 years of touring and teaching in over 55 countries, Aziza brought her nurturing and inspiring approach to online teaching. She was an early adopter and brings years of experience to the virtual studio. Aziza has the technology and experience to make studying in the comfort of your home a vibrant, satisfying experience — and she has the teaching chops to help you take your dancing to new heights.


    She wakes up every day grateful to all of you for making her dreams possible. Aziza’s promise is to always be equally dedicated to helping you also realize your dreams in the art of belly dance!

    Learn more about Aziza, her schedule and online classes: